NODCC Conference


Is anyone going to go to the Doisorders of the Corpus Callosum conference in Dallas TX in July?


Hi Robin,
Yes we are planning on going. We live in Oklahoma, so it is just a 4-hour drive there. This will be our second conference. We went a few years ago when it was held in Tulsa. We are really excited and my mom is even making a trip from Boston to attend.
It seems like the confences are growing each year so there will really be alot of great information. I feel that this organization is what will lead ACC into the future. It will allow doctors to understand more through reaseach and it will allow families to connect with eachother and find resources for teachers. Who knows, maybe one day, my son will be grown up and will be able to know more about his diagnosis than we could have ever imagined. Till then we intend to stay connected and attend a conference every few years.

Maybe we’ll see you there!


Hi Robin!

I will also be attending this year’s conference, along with my parents. This is the first conference for us. I was recently diagnosed (Feb 07) as C-ACC with interhemispheric cyst and am 36 yrs old. Neddless to say I was surprised! I had an MRI doen of my brain due to an unrelated eye condition and they discovered it as an “incidental finding” ! Looking forward to meeting others my age as I would like to learn how they are dealing with things that I struggle with now. I lok forward to seeing all my careplace friends there as well!