Nooonan syndrom

This is my frist group and i not a great speller, but i need help. i have a 8 year old who has noonans. I live in new york city and i looking for a doctor that can help my son and i. I haveread alot site that talk about nooans but never really understood them, Eight years i just took my doctor advice,and just went along with it, but i know he could be mointor alot more or more doctor visted. I also notice that my child can’t talk and he walks on his toes, but with shoes he cant walk longer time. but reading about other children with noonans some have learing disabitlity but, learn to have fairly normal live. If you have heard of or a hospital in new york city that helps children with noonan or would get me to help Arthur[my sons name] i would really be gratfull, Can child who has noonans also can have atusim.