North Texas MS 150

Is anyone in this group planning on participating int he North Texas MS 150 Bike Event?

I will be working the event as a Van Driver providing assistance to riders along the way.

I would be interested in meeting members of this group participating in the event.


My husband is riding in the MS 150 in Kansas. It’s in September.

I will be participating in the MS walk in chicago with my wife May 6. Good luck, have fun.

sidedawn1 wrote:

The North Texas MS 150 is this weekend.

I will be driving the Support and Gear (SAG) van #9. On the first day, I will be at the lunch stop around 12 noon and the camping area around 6pm. On day two, I will be at the lunch stop around 11am and at the finish line around 6pm.

I will have my cell phone with me and anyone wanting to meet me can call me at 214-994-8415.

Hope to see some of you there.