Not getting pregnant

I was wondering can you still get pregnant, even if you have adnorminal bleeding. Meaning can I get pregnant without period?

its unlikely that you are going to get pregnant if you are not having periods but it is still actually possible… as one ovulates and can get pregnant before one actually has a period.

I agree with what the other poster said about you should go and see a doctor to find out why you are not getting proper periods. Something as simple as high stress, too much exercise and not enough weight… along things like polycystic ovulation syndome may make one not have periods.

:slight_smile: hi waving at dyao* … i do hope you didnt mind that little correction, I think it comes from me being a perfectionist lol… or at least trying to be.

Ive read that it can take longer to get pregnant when one is older as the eggs aint as viable…

" have been charting and think I know when I ovulate…We try to get pregnant sometimes daily and at least every other day for about 5 day’s before and after my estimated ovulation. "

Charting by temperature I assume you are refering too, it should be fairly clear when ovulation has taken place by that. Ive been taught that once ovulation takes place… an unfertilised egg only lasts for 24 hrs. If one releases two eggs (as in possible twins)… that can happen up to 24 hrs after the first is released (so there is only a 48 hr peroid in which pregnancy can take place after ovulation).

best luck with it.