my almost one year old daughter was just diagnosed with diGeorge last week. we are weaning her off the bottle. we are concerned that she still gets enough calories. does anyone have any suggestions?

My 5 1/2 yo daughter is currently on a drink that she was put on by a nutritionist to try to ensure that she is getting enough callories. She is on a drink that is made by the Norvatis, is is a resource drink that is called “Just for Kids”. You will need to talk to a nutritionist, doctor, or pediatrition to see if it is something that would be right for your daughter (it says on the box that it is for children 1 - 10 yrs of age). My daughter’s is ordered though a Wright and Filippis (sp?) they handle feeding supplies and other medical supplies as well. My doctor sends them the perscription and they order it and it is paid for through her insurance.

Before my daughter was on the “just for kids”, she was drinking Pediasure. The reason that she was switched fro the pediasure to the just for kids is that it was higher in calories, and it also has less sugar ( the pediasure was hard on her teeth because she was drinking 4 of those a day and it was sausing tooth decay).

These are a few options for you to be able to check into. My daughter eats very little, so she is on the Just for Kids because she needs the calories. So far, since she has been on the Just for Kids, it has helped out with her weight (she has gained 6 lbs in the last year and a half. She is weighing in at 36 lbs right now. That in itself is a miracle we have always had a problem with her putting on weight. She was diagnosed with failure to thrive when she was an infant .

Please talk with her doctor, pediatrition, or a dietitian to see what they think will be best.


my son thomas is also on the pedisure. it has helped with is weight, though he goes up and down due to the fact he eats very little and is constanly busy running or climbing always moving. he also get sick alot i have put him on a vitamen and vit c gummys that have seemed to help.