O2 with Cpap

Is anyone using O\extra oxegyn with their CPAP. Is given the adaptor to add the line of O2 into the hose for other complications unrleated to my CSA. Last night was the first night with it. I couldn’t feel a difference. Still feel like I’m drowning if I lay down! I’m OK propped up for breathing, but complication in my back and hip and other stuff make it impossible for me to stay upright for long. If anyone out there is using supplement O2 Do you feel any difference? acjewel

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I have been on bi-pap with extra oxygen since April of this year.Prior to that I did not even know I had sleep apnea(I was diagnosed in March as I recall).So,I do not know pap life(LOL)without extra oxygen.I imagine there is a huge difference for me .Not one that I can totally feel just yet but I have heard that it is good to give it 6 months or so.Just had to respond to your post as I have met few who are on extra oxygen.Mine is totally related to my CSA as far as I know as I do not smoke,etc.
Sharon :slight_smile:

Oops…I meant to say OSA…LOL…not CSA!
Sharon :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have been on c-pap since Nov. My sleeping is
improving but it’s not great. I was sleeping 12 hours a day until I went
back to work 3 weeks ago. Someone told me to put my mask on tighter and it
helped. Anyhow, now I’m making it on 8-9 hours of sleep. I get tired after
meals but I guess that is normal. I also get apathetic when I start getting
tired and apparently when I do not sleep well. I’m working on getting stronger
and better. Marianne

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If you are not told by a doctor to use oxygen, don’t. You can alter your body’s breathing mechanism.



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Hmmmm, my health care providers have mentioned oxygen, but we are trying different machines first to see if I can get relief for osa, csa, and mixed. So, how can the oxygen effect your body? If given oxygen each night, does it make the patient more dependable on that to breathe? This is starting to concern me. Boy, I hope I don’t have to do that if that’s the case. Kelly