Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep Masks - How long to see a difference?


I have been diagnosed with obstuctive sleep apnea. It is comsiderated moderate, but I would like to know if the sleep masks work where the situation is moderate. How long does it take before I see a difference.


I saw a difference day one. It depends on how long you can wear the mask for. My mom took about two weeks to get used to the mask so I was surprised when I wore it all night right away. I’ve lost weight and can drive better. I started off with a full nose mask and moved to a nasel pillow. You can try different kinds. Good luck!


The diagnosis I received was ‘severe’ sleep apnea, but I believe you will notice, as I did, an immediate difference. I have not let a night pass without using the full face mask. I began to feel better within just a few days.