Occipital Neuralgia

Has anyone out there dealt with occipital neuralgia and the pain associated with it? If so how have you been treated and was it succesful? I have been dealing with this for over 2 years-took almost 1 yr. just to get a diagnosis!

hmm ive never hurd of it. what are your symtoms if u dont mind?

Occipital Neuralgia causes almost constant pain in varying degrees behind the ear-sometimes toward the back of the head-also can go down into the neck- the skin is extremely sensitive to where you cannot stand to touch your head or to lay your head on a pillow-in my case heat makes it worse so that I suffer most in the summer-it is also worse if I am real busy and I am moving around a lot-for instance throught the holidays it was rough-I have had several injections into my head-it is very painful but worth it if it helps even for a little while although the last time it did not help and I had a severe reaction to the steroids and my face became very red and hot on that side and you could actually mash the fluid around on my face-I am waiting as close to summer as I can to get another shot hoping the steroids will have time to dissipate so that hopefully I will not have another reaction-my Dr. mentioned perhaps injecting Bo-Tox but I am very uneasy about doing that-if anyone out there has this and has had any sort of tratment I would be most interested. “Muma5”

Hi Mum5, I have suffered with this, too.  I forgot to list it with all of my ailments, because it was caused by congenial deformities in my cervical spine.  I also have had the trigger point injections and stellate ganglion blocks.  The blocks helped with this and my reflex sympathetic dystrophy, too; but I had so many that it caused scarring, and now I can't have those.  I wear the fentanyl pain patches that release pain medicine through the skin.  That helps me so much.

hope you feeling better today!