Oral lichen planus


I just got diagnosed today with OLP on my cheeks, gums, and under my tongue. I took 4 months to diagnose. A gum guy figured it out and told me to see a dermatologist. Any suggestions, ideas, advice on treatments for OLP? Thanks so much :slight_smile:


After years of doctor’s appointments and biopsies, my mother was finally diagnosed with oral lichen planus last week. She is being treated by an Oral Surgeon with Prednisone. When she finishes the oral medication she will use a Prednisone Gel that she will rub on the inside of her mouth. She has a very severe case and can barely eat or speak. I joined Careplace with the hope that someone knew of something natural that might help her, since the side effects of Prednisone can be so risky. Good Luck, and if I hear of anything, I’ll send a message through this Forum.


I was diagnosed with OLP in June. My primary physician had treated me for a oral yeast infection which is pretty typical. He didn’t do much follow up so I kept bringing up the problems and pain in my mouth. I see him at least every 3 mths for other things. He finally sent me to a Oral Surgeon who diagnosed it after 1. 2. no more then 3 seconds. He gave me a prescription for a topical steriod and sent me back to my primary.

Prednisone is a such strong drug. I’ve taken it for something else and I would only allow myself be put back on it if there was no other option. I would suggest asking the doctor for other options. I am taking Fluocinonide which does help the sores. I also just started to use Biotene as a gargle and a toothpaste. They both seem to help after just a few uses.

I’ve seen my primary once since I was diagnosed and he still doesn’t seem to know what to do with this. I’m researching it myself and the next step is to see if my dentist has a clue. My reading says I should see the dentist every 2 months while the OLP is active (sore). I’ve also made an appointment with a dermotologist for this and something else. While I have no active sites other then my mouth I read I should keep on the look out for them. This as well as tell my ob-gyn next at my next appointment.

I would love to find something natural too. If I learn of anything I too will post.


Fluocinonide <–What is this drug? What exactly does it do and would you
say that it helps?Huggles and thank you-Beauty
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Hi alicat, I have had this blasted stuff for 20+ yrs. I have seen all kinds of docs for it & tried all kinds of things. This is of interest. I recently moved from the upstate of S.C. to the coast in March. Since I have been here, my OLP has gone crazy!! I’ve seen one of the best periodonist, she has tried clobetasol propionate (?) & probotics ( which burned me all the way to the outside of my face). I have been to an alternative doc (tea tree oil) 2 differnt dermatologist (steroid cream, even retin A). My local doc had me on massive doeses of Dyflucan & Valtrex after she consulted an infectious disease doc (who I’m seeing on Oct. 28). You can only stay on an anti-fungal med, just so long, as it elevates your liver enzymes. I am so frustrated. I called the Medical U. here & am trying to make an appt. with the head dental pathologist. Like you, I absolutely hate taking perdisone & won’t unless it’s a matter of absolute desperation…which I’m getting to. Oh yes, I have ordered the book “The Yeast Connection”. I think this is yeast diveritive. I find it interesting that mine has gone off the charts, since I’ve been in such a moist, moldy enviornment. Also, since it’s an autoimmue disease, has anyone seen an immunologist? I’ve also tried acupunture…it’s wonderful, but didn’t help my OLP. I’m an esophageal cancer survivor, so this is not good, since it’s a pre-cancer condition…Just wanted to vent & share. Thanks for listening. People out there just have never heard of this & don’t have a clue or understand how bad it is…Sister