Oral lichen


has anyone found a mouth wash or anything that really helps relieve oral lichen or vaginal symptoms?


Thanks for the reply. I am using Biotene toothpaste now & also the mouth wash. Both have really helped with the dry mouth issue. I am using protopic ointment on inside of cheeks & on tongue. I think it helps with the burning sensation temporarily.
I know I’m not “special” but do feel so victimized by this whole olp thing and since it is not as prevalent as other diseases doesn’t get the attention or the funding for research to cure it.


FOr systemic relief of oral lichen planus, many doctors prescribe a
mouthwash that contains steroids (usually fluocinonide). For vulvar
LP there are several prescription-strength creams that are available.
But really, it’s important that you see a doctor regarding the vulvar
LP, as if left untreated it can get very nasty. I’d suggest starting
with a dermatologist and ALSO a gynecologist. And you should ask your
dentist for a referral to an oral pathologist or stomatologist (I
think that’s the correct term) for the OLP. Again, it’s important
to get medical treatment as OLP can become very nasty, and if allowed
to progress can even develop into a cancerous condition.

In the interim you might want to consider using Biotene toothpaste,
as most brands of toothpaste contain an ingredient (sodium lauryl
sulphate, abbreviated SLS) that tends to aggrevate oral lichen
planus. Biotene is available without a prescription but is expensive
($8-$10/tube) and your pharmacist may keep it behind the counter.

You will find lot sof information about the medical treatment fo oral
lichen planus (including specific information on foods to avoid, how
to apply medication inside the mouth, etc) at the International
Lichen Planus Support Group run by Baylor College of Dentistry at
Texas A&M University (www.tambcd.edu/lichen). If you want peer
support there is an excellent and very active Yahoo group.

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