Oral lp


I was diagnosed last fall with oral LP. At the time, I had sores on my cheecks, then my tongue. Dentist finally diagnosed it.

Now, my tongue is no sore but the base of my mouth (under the tongue but not on the tongue). It seems to start in the center at the salivatory(sp?) gland and go down on the base of the mouth. More sore on one side than the other. It feels like it’s swollen

Anybody had this? I’m thinking I have to go back to the dentist. Help anyone?


I too, have been diagnosed with OLP, very painful and I empathize with you. I am being treated by an oral surgeon who presribed Dexemethasone liquid to swish and spit out and Cotrimazole tabs. Neither seem to be doing the job and I am having a very hard time eating. I know my diet is lacking as I can’t eat anything of substance.

Hope you get some help!