Other groups on FMD?

I also belong to another group for Fibromuscular dysplasia on yahoo. I was wondering if any of you belong to another group on FMD?

Hi Melva,

I am on the Yahoo site too.  There was a new post from the founder that said this was the new one and to move over here.

Kind regards,




I am in that group too, but I dont go there anymore. I got an email about this one so I joined. I think I am going to like this group better. I like the way this one is set up better.

Hi gina,

Thanks for your reply but I seem to have lost my record of log in to careplace so cannot get in to it, its seems good set up though…would you know how to re-access those details by any chance as i am lost without it and think its a good resource…?

how are you doing with FMD etc?


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