Other Medications for DI

I cannot afford DDAVP and I’m wondering if there is any other medication that I could take?

Are you in Canada? I’m not sure if we can get that here. Will surf over to the link you provided.

no i am not in canada but try it and see and let me know if they do help out in canada im curious,also i looked around and found this site… www.getcanadiandrugs.com
they have the ddavp 0.01generic for 29.99 for 30 pills at full price here in oklahoma its 179.00 for same thing.god im glad i have insurance i only pay 32.00 hope you find help let me know i will keep looking for you.

The problem is that we make too much money to qualify. The funny thing is that when we file our income tax we are considered low income!! So basically that means we are low income when we PAY THEM our taxes but we don’t quailfy for benefits when they pay!

I have gone through all government departments with no luck. I have called my MLA for help but she most likely won’t be able to help.

Bugga! you’re in a pickel! Feeling for you, sorry! So how do you cope without meds? I imagine it would be staying home near the loo and water tap 24/7.

Thanks for your concern! We are able to afford meds right now but I do worry about the future. When the DI is bad I don’t leave the house, so when I do have my meds I can get out and about. The biggest thing I miss is church. Hope we can go tomorrow!

I was just in Greece where you can go to the pharmacy and purchase anything that you want. I asked the pharmacist (out of curioustiy) the cost of Aventis Nasal DDAVP and showed him my bottle. He did not stock the med (surprise) but looked it up in a book and you will not believe the cost - it was 17 euros which tranlates to aroun $25 US. I could not believe it. I did not have enough time to place an order but you might check overseas or maybe Mexico.

I have heard of horror stories from people ordering medications from overseas,like not being right dosages the wrong medication,contaminated meds etc…just be careful if you do this ok.

I have had people from another forum in England offering to send me DDAVP for free. I checked with Canada Post and was informed that I also have to contact Customs and Revenue Canada. This means I have to pay taxes and customs for the meds. I also have to have a lot of documentation as well. When Government agencies get involved it only means that I will have to pay major bucks for imported drugs including free ones.

just make sure your electrolytes don’t go too low. i wish you the best of luck. even the generic desmopressin is expensive at walgreens.

So far, I haven’t come across of any other medication for DI.
Our’s in Malaysia is also expensive, 100 over bugs per bottle (spray). A letter from the hospital perhaps can help you with the govn agencies…stating your condition and that you need a long term medication. It is also as a proof that you need the medication for yourself and not for sale like the pharmacies or clinics. They might have regulation to waive any cost incurred for matter like this. Perhaps your hospital social welfare department can assist you.

I came across this info. She’s from US. Hope this info can help you.

"Apr 29, 2008
I have had Diabetes Insipidus for 42 years. I was on pitressin Tannate until they quit making it. I tried DDAVP and it would not work for me, none of the forms. I was put on a combination of chlorathizide and chloropromide. It works wonderfully, and much less cost. I have to watch for any signs of low sugar, but that is no problem. I hope this might help someone. "

Even for the generic brand it costs that much for you? I do believe it just curious. I am afraid to ever let my insurance lapse.
Another thing you could ask your Dr. to help with is maybe increase your dosage even though you may not take that many and it would last you longer. Sometimes they charge by the month supply, not the number of pills. I know it is cheating the system a little, but if the government is cheating you out what else can you do. You need the med.

You really should both agitate for a better and fairer health system. In Australia a prescription of 90 x 200mcg tablets (same as .02) is about $33.00. Once over a certain reasonable limit, prescriptions drop to about $5.

Low income families only pay $5 until a lower limit, then they’re free.

Doctors usually write the prescription for the maximum amount to make it even cheaper again.

I find it so unfair that some of you have to do without medication. I know it’s not really life threatening (assuming you can always drink) but it can be life changing not having to deal with untreated DI if you have a high volume.


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the company that makes the ddavp can help you if you have low income they will send you a form to fill out and ask for proof of income if you qualify you will get it free.i had to do this before i got insurance there is help out there here is a site to get you started. www.freemedicinerevolution.com
aventis is the company who makes the ddavp.hope this help you if not let me know will be glad to help you more.