Other pv groups

would any of you volunteer other viable pv groups–online or otherwise that would accept new members, or allow “lurking” members to gather info and experience?


I highly recommend www.mpdinfo.org . I have learned so much about PV and the other myeloproliferative diseases. They have a FAQ just on PV and there is an e-mail list that you can join. I have been lurking there since December. The best thing is that the people in the group also talk about the various experts across the country and what the newest treatments are.

I recommend that people from this group check it out.

Green Bay, WI
39 yo
PV dx 7/07

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Thanks—I have tried prior and will continue, but can’t seem to access this group. The careplace group and the yahoo group for pv is a good place for support and to ask questions! Thanks, all  Jeannette

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