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hi, my mother is 80 years old, she was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer; unfortunatly it was detected late and is spread all over now; she refused any treatment so no quimo or radiotherapy for her; she is only taking pain killers;



Sorry to hear about your grandmother… I hope that she is comfortable. deciding for or against treatment is a very personal decision.
I hope that you have called in your local hospice. They are experts in treating pain and other symptoms that show up and they are very helpful with care and with the family.



You actually sent a reply to someone about their grandmother. Both of my
grandmom’s aren’t living anymore.

I actually was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late Feb; stage 3C. It’s
been a rough ride, but I am determined to emerge from this with my good health,

What is your story?

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I did??? I don’t see where I did that. (post in someones thread about grand
It’s the first time I posted here after realizing that I am really
depressed. I had abnormal bleeding and when I was checked for that they
found a tumor the size of a soft ball on one ovary. I had a complete
hysterectomy. My doctor said there was a less then 10% chance that the test
results would show cancer. They came back showing I had cancer in both the
uterous and the tumor was cancerous. Both stage one. my very first checkup 3
months later came back that I had cervical cancer. I totally lost it. All I
can picture is every time I go in they will find cancer in some other part
of my body. All I feel is anger and derpression. I have a mother that makes
me feel guilty and tells me I’m worthless on top of it. I am not a happy
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Sweetie, you MUST promise me you will get involved in a very supportive group
of women that have gone through similar circumstances. What is your
situation; are you married? Single? Do you have a good, supportive group of friends
to turn to? If you connect with women who have BEEN THERE, you will get
support, and the right answers as to how to handle your situation.

I am single, but blessed with a great group of supportive friends and family.
But it is not an easy journey, and one I tried to take by myself, too, but
found I was growing more and more depressed and feeling hopeless. But a man I
have a lot of respect for recommended I join a support group that is POSITIVE,
above all else.

The first thing you have to do is to tell everyone who is negative or
breeding fear in you that you will NOT speak with them until they can support you in
HEALING your body; THAT INCLUDES YOUR MOTHER. I’m very serious about this;
tell her until she can love you unconditionally as she should, she’s no longer
allowed into your life. Tell her the only way you’ll have a relationship with
her is when she decides to change HER negative thinking and dumping on you.

I can help you through it if you choose to continue this dialog. BE BLESSED
THAT YOU ONLY HAVE STAGE I, then start to take positive steps with your diet
and lifestyle so that the cancer won’t return. Cancer isn’t just a physical
disease; it’s very much tied to our emotions, whether be trust in God, etc. Our
very existence depends on changing negative thinking, TRUST ME.

Write anytime; I want to provide a soft place to fall for you,


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