Pain and burning in feet

hi everyone i was wondering if any one but me has pain and burning in the botton of your feet. and what you do about it. I have it most of the time and the only thing that seems to help is setting in the bathtub with hot water but as soon as i get out it starts again.
thanks for any help
shelbysgranny aka kay

Hi Kay - I don’t have problems with my feet but recently when I saw the
doctor he was asking me if my feet ever felt unusually warm. Apparently if
the thyroid isn’t functioning properly, warm feet can be a symptom which was
news to me. I have thyroid problems as do several of my PPS friends I have
come to know, seems it is typical in some cases to have PPS and thyroid
problems. I haven’t looked into it more as I don’t have this problem with my
feet. Do you have thyroid problems?
Doesn’t sound like fun Kay. I hope you can get some help for this.

On 10/2/07, shelbysgranny wrote:

Hi Everyone- I’ve been in Tenn.(from MI) and it was so hot and humid but I did not hurt throughout my whole body like I do back in MI. I want to move there but it’s so far away from our son if my husband gets ill again. I have the problem of red hands and feet and the burning in my feet was so terrible it would wake me from a sound sleep.I now take Neurontin which is a seizure med. It is also used to treat nerve damage.It has helped me alot.A few years ago I had a dr. tell me I had Raynaud’s Condition.My hands are bright red as if they have been burned. Not dry or scaley and they don’t actually hurt- not my skin anyways. My arthritis hurts but not the Raynaud’s.It looks awful and it’s very embarrassing when cashier’s advise what kind of handcream to use for dishpan hands, etc. But the nerve damage in my feet, mostly my right foot is from the right side of my body being paralzed from the Polio.The Neurontin has to be adjusted by trial and error.I was on such a high dose that
I couldn’t talk.I’d open my mouth to speak and 2 words would try to come out at once. I stuttered and kept losing my balance. I have since learned that 1, 300 mg 2 or 3 times a day allows me to remain coherent and out of pain.Does anyone out there have to opportunity to experience the difference in weather from Southern states and Northern states?How does it affect your pain? Any shout outs are appreciated. Kori GPaula1951 wrote:

Kori here again. I forgot to tell you I don’t have any problems with my thyroid.It has normal levels in my blood work.So we all learn something new from each other each time we log on, it seems.I like being able to communicate with others with PPS.It really helps me alot.

Paula1951 wrote:

Hi Kori - Interesting things we continue to learn from each other. I have
had the thyroid problems now for about 3 or 4 years. I just had an annual
ultra sound done this morning. The specialist wants to monitor the size of
it once a year to make sure it doesn’t grow. I might have to go on
medication for this pretty soon, oh good another pill! Anyway I’m glad you
don’t have the thyroid problems.

My daughter has been doing a lot of research on the Internet on my behalf.
Bless her heart. Concerning pain she was telling me that it has been proven
that when people eliminate animal and dairy products from their diets, the
problems improve. She is doing this herself, she uses a lot of soy products
and feels a lot better. I know from everything I have read that protein is
important for people with PPS. Maybe I need to also look into protein
shakes, using soy milk.

Good hearing from you Kori, take care of yourself.

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