Pain Management from the Internet?


Does anybody know how “legit” these pharmacies are where you can get pain medication on the Internet? I’ve heard that they are a lifesaver, and that they are also dangerous. Curious to know if anyone knows anything about them.



Be VERY careful. I posted something on this a while back.

The problem is that these drugs may not have been produced in the US.
Any drugs made in the USA must go through rigorous screening by the FDA. They are ultra stringent about every aspect of manufacturing. They regulate every little thing you could think of- every single thing that goes into or comes in contact with the drug, the area, the air everything.

Other countries are not so stringent. And even though the drug might be made in, say Europe or whatever, the initial parts might come from somewhere else, say China. They have been in the spot light lately for not being honest about their ingredients. A bunch of children died because their cough syrup which said it contained glyerine actually had diethylene glycol instead. Not all countries require complete honesty when it comes to their product ingredients. Also, they don’t always keep complete track of where the ingredients originated, so they could have become contaminated along the way.

It is not worth risking your health over. Also, if you do have a reaction, there is no recourse because you can’t trace where they came from. You might not even be getting what you think you are getting, it might be something else.


I agree with Karas-matic…, First of all, You need a legitimate prescription…if not you have to pay for an online Dr’s appointment. It’s very shady and you do not know where the drugs are coming from. It’s all about money for a lot of these sites. Find a real Dr. that you trust, for pain management…even though we know that’s very hard to do…especially because they treat us like drug seekers and seem to have bad bed side manners when it comes to pancreatitis sufferers. And the DEA seem to have no respect for us. We know the pain is real and can be unbearable…but our system is just plain scared to treat our pain. Best wishes, Eric


Hi everyone,

I want to share couple of incidents that happened in our neighborhood. A doctor who has put Pain Doctor sign outside his house and started giving people prescriptions taking money. These people included some real patients who didn’t had insurance and were suffering, (that’s why we have to get to know more about health care in this country and every one needs to think what can we do to change it)most of them were just complaining they hurt their wrist, back ache, stomach ache etc but they were drug seekers. The doctor didn’t care whether they are really suffering or they need prescription to get pain medication because they are hurting very badly. He made lot of money and he was also giving prescriptions to lose weight to lots of women for a long time. Somebody complained about this guy and they investigated by going as patients and they saw how he was treating them, he just asks them what medication they want, he writes them and takes money the patient is happy and he is happy. He got arrested and they took everything from his house that he has earned by writing prescriptions. First time when he got arrested he got out doing something. See the loopholes in the system always helps the culprit to take advantage of them. He slowly gathered everything again like license to practice then when people started coming he slowly bought everything that he lost. I think he survived a year like that and then this time gone for long time.

There is another guy who was not even a doctor got he doctor certificate from where, who knows, and started his business? He just got the names of the medications that people show more interest and got the list. A person died or almost died with his prescription then all these things came out. And they took his license and he is not allowed to practice and the tear down the place. I think they gave him life imprisonment.

When I saw on Care Place about on line pain management. I thought people need to be very careful with these kind of temptations. Yeah, there are so many “so called Pain Doctors” trying to get rich by selling prescriptions that the normal doctors won’t write for them. So, Please everyone try to be very careful about these kind of doctors.

Hoping you guys are having a pain free day. Stay cool as it is very hot today at least where we live,close to Philadelphia. It’s going to be either 100 degrees or feel like 100 degrees.

Stay cool especially for chronic patients this heat can do lot of harm. That’s why we need to drink lot of fluids, stay inside, rest as much as possible. Sometimes my body feels so exhausted if somebody comes and kicks on my back to get up and do something, my body cannot move even a inch. I’ll be either sleeping whole day or don’t feel like doing anything, feel like pain is coming back, feel very weak etc. My visiting nurse says the heat does has effect the Chronic patients.

So, chill out, be cool, take naps, and relax. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Enough of my rambling.

Take good care of yourself from heat and from on line pain management.

Lots of love and many hugs.