Pain relief options

what options other than chemical meds are there?

I am a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. For
10 years I have researched a new diet therapy that stops TN pain by limiting
saturated fat. Not all fats. Just the excessive saturated fat in the American
diet. I made a presentation on the history and effectiveness of this diet at
TNA’s 2004 National Conference at the Disney World Resort. To try this diet, email your mailing address to or call 248-642-7235 for an eight-page report with diet instructions, the diet’s history, testimonials, and the amount of saturated fat in 140 foods.

If you have typical TN and are currently in pain, or would be in pain if you
stopped medication, I would like you to consider enrolling in a study I am conducting to establish the efficacy of this diet.