Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency & Diet

Hi I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Exocrine insufficiency 5 years ago.  With every meal I take creon fort pancreatic enzymes.  I would like to know if anyone else has been diagnosed with this condition.  Diet has a major impact on the number and severity of my attacks. Any tips from anyone.

Hi Ocean,

I too have pancreatitic insufficiency. I had lots of diarrhea, weight loss,
but no pain before they figured it out. I take enzymes with all meals also.

What are your attacks like?


HI Ocean,

When I had second attack in '98 and they also observed that there is some calcification in the Pancreas. That’s the first time that I heard of enzymes. We were visiting India at that time and when I was in the hospital after CT Scan the gastro doctor started enzymes. When we came back here we consulted the gastroenterologist and he put me on Enzymes forever. I thought after sometime I don’t have to take them. But he explained because the two attacks I had were very bad and it seems like they are going to be a part of my life but nobody knows when I’m going to get attacks or how long. So, he said, it’s better to take enzymes to digest the fatty foods, even though I was avoiding fats totally he said, it will take the burden off from Pancreas. But it doesn’t mean that it will prevent attacks.
So, since then I went through lot of procedures, surgeries but I haven’t stopped taking enzymes. Right now I’m on J-tube feedings for nutrition as I cannot eat full meals two or three times like everyone. I just snack in between the my tube feedings like tea, crackers, sometimes I try protein powder with banana milk shakes(with Lactaid low fat calcium fortified milk) with enzymes. For sometime I can tolerate these shakes and I start feeling better and I gain couple of pounds too. Then if I get an attack or severe pain for lot of days everything changes again what I eat. I have to stop the shakes and tea, crackers too because sometimes I get diarahea whenever I try to eat them. So I have to stop them.
I carry enzymes with me whenever I go out and my tube feedings in a bag. I taste very little bit of something of what my family eats with enzymes. Sometimes it helps me and nothing happens. And sometimes that little bit tasting results in a big attack. So, it is a hard life even though we take enzymes to rest the pancreas and assume that it will prevent attacks.
That’s what we are supposed to do right? Think in a positive manner and try things and hope everything works out.

I hope the enzyme treatment works out for you and you’ll have pain free days all through the life.
My name is Durga. if you get a chance please take a look at my story please. I even have website which has more information than the one in the Careplace site. Website address is:

Lots of love and many hugs.

Hi there. I was recently diagnosed with Exocrine Prancreatic Insufficiency. For months, I kept throwing up all of my food. It was a terrible experience. I am now relieved to know the cause of my condition. I noticed that no matter what I ate, I was throwind g up until I started keeping a food journal. That is when I found out that fried, greasy, and fatty foods made my day miserable. I realized that my weight loss surgery may have contributed to my condition. Now I am at the point where I want to know everything about the condition to help me live a better quality of life. I am open to any suggestions on how to cope and deal with it. I was just given the enzymes to take and have experience frequent bowel movements that have been embarrassing to say the least. Is this something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life?