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Chronic Pancreatitis

Hi, I’m new. I had one bout with pancreatitis and am in constant fear that I will get it again.

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Blue666, did they figure out why you had your first pancreatitis attack? Most people can have an attack and not have another, particularly if it was caused by and gallstones or something else. That being said those that do have many attacks called chronic pancreatitis, like myself, have an underlying condition that causes the frequent attacks. Unless you have an underlying condition affecting your pancreas you should not have more attacks.

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Did they say whether you had Acute or Chronic? Acute could possibly be one time or a few, Chronic is an ongoing problem that you will have from here on out. You can have both, as I do.

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Hi everyone. 2004 my life changed forever. Early January i had my gallbladder out. I was relieved thinking i would never have to experience the pain of gallbladder stones ever again. Well 3 months later an intense pain hit me just like the gallbladder pain. I ended up spending 170 days of 2004 in hospital. Either in ICU or Progressive Care. I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. Idiopathic. They think my liver produced a stone that got stuck in the ducts. I had every complication that comes with CP. 5 CatScans 3 ERCP’s the third done just to explore why a stent could not be put in. My ducts are deformed. My husband was told i had 7 years to live. Well here we are in 2016 past that prediction by 5 years. I am now a type 1 diabetic. Not under control as it should be. The tail of my pancreatis has died. I don’t have constant pain now. What i get now is nausea when it acts up. An extreme tiredness. Puts me in bed until everything calms down. I have left so much out. If anyone has any questions just ask. Take care everyone.

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Sorry for all your problems. My case started in 2003, I was 32 when they took my gallbladder out, only to find out it was healthy and it was my pancreas. They measured a 4cm by 4cm tumor and sent me to the University of Michigan hospital to see a specialist, who told me I had about 3 months to live. I had one ERCP and a surgery date was set for a Whipple procedure, to hopefully extend my life to a year. Longest summer of my life, had to wait 4 weeks for surgery, my kids were 3 and 5. I have a calcified pancreas, so have been a type 1 diabetic since. There was a biopsy done as he was in my abdomen anyways, and it came back chronic pancreatitis. I’ve had 2 serious episodes that landed me in the hospital with pain for a week, but that’s it for the last 13 years. I read people’s stories about all the procedures and specific things, such as your duct being deformed. I wonder why I never had anything else done. I have a daughter who had a bone marrow transplant at the age of 6 in 2007 and a husband who had a horrible fall at work in 2011 and now has a seizure disorder. Just had a pocket of infection in his brain, so brain surgery Feb 2016 and 8 weeks IV antibiotics at home. I honestly don’t have the time to be sick, so I fight through every single thing that I feel is off. My diabetes is not under control, my HBa1C was 9.9 this last time, which has the dr very worried. Sorry I am rambling, I run a daycare and don’t talk to adults much, haha.

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Hi I’m new. I’ve been dealing with chronic pancreatitis for about 9 years.

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It started right before my 21st birthday. And it’s hereditary, so just a bad luck draw for me…
I had part of my pancreas removed back in December of 2010. I have the middle missing, the tail end of my pancreas never died off, which I’m told is pretty rare. I always forget the technical term for it. If anyone else has this I’d love to know!
I also had my gallbladder removed this past February. They thought it might help, but it hasn’t really. I also have diabetes now, which I struggle with a lot. I’m trying to get on track but I’m finding it difficult to make it a habit… I was in severe denial for many years because I was so young, I wanted to believe I’d just be magically better somehow. Which I know sounds ridiculous but it is what it is.
I’m not sure what else to say. So that’s my story so far.



I was first diagnosed with acute recurring idiopathic pancreatitis in 2001 and have continued to have pain episodes. I have had my gall bladder removed and have had a Whipple. My main gastroenterologist is at the Mayo Clinic in MN. Recently I have had pain episodes twice a week. I had an ERCP two weeks ago to open up a duct that had narrowed. I am very interested in a support group with others who have continuing bouts of pancreatic pain.

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