Pediatric Cholesterol

Has any one experienced their 9yo child having high cholesterol? She exercises daily and is not by any means overweight or has the generalized ideas relating to high cholesterol. We eat extremely healthy. I am not sure what to do. In two months, her total cholesterol went up 10 points. We even ate NO red meat 3 days before her testing per the doctor. We are having it checked again in 1 month. All I was told by the nurse was to monitor what she eats. I am lost as to where to go from here.


Never heard this problem as far as I remember. I know that two things that can cause the worst problem in cholesterol can be pop and sweet bakery things like donuts, cupcakes, etc. These send the triglycerides up!

I am not sure otherwise that I would get too worked up if the cholesterol is high if you don’t let her eat a lot of sweets or bad trans fats, etc. Some people are actual producers of cholesterol. I am not sure what you consider high for her. As long as she doesn’t show signs of inflammation it just may be her thing - you can tell that through a blood test as well CRP test. I think the medical field gets a little too medicine happy, and doesn’t always give the body credit for taking care of itself if we take care of it.

Cherries and celery have been known to be good for inflammation, and things like avocados, walnuts, fish such as salmon (not farm raised), oatmeal, etc can help lower cholesterol naturally.

I am no doctor, so I can’t really tell you what to do, but I would think if all systems seem health and it isn’t something extremely high, I would just continue to work on it with healthy foods, exercise and keep an eye on her overall health. Cholesterol lowering drugs are now possibly being linked to Alzheimer’s and I certainly wouldn’t want to start that for a poor little kid who might actually just naturally have a higher cholesterol level. They have not proven that high cholesterol causes a particular health problem such as with the heart, but they have found the CRP to be a common factor along with high cholesterol. I always worry about all this attention to cholesterol - the brain is cholesterol also. When we work on such control of cholesterol, what are we doing to the brain??

Hope this helps you find some direction in researching, etc. You might want to get a second opinion, also. Some doctors are a little more relaxed on the idea if a child is not showing anything else alarming.

Also make sure that her HDL is up. Sometimes it is a really high HDL that pushes up the numbers and that is the healthy one. Good luck!! Let me know if you find anything else.