People who have had this surgery

What do people think about their having surgery she is suppose to the nasel bar and slits in the corner of her eye?

Hi, in response to your concern I will say that we have been adviced by doctors at Birmingham Childrens Hospital, England to wait until our daughter is 7-8 years old when the muscle they can use is more mature and can give a better result when comparing with a synthetic material. Fortunately she may not need the “nose pinch” op as she has apparently inherited her dad’s narrow, pointy nose. How they can tell at this early age is amazing (1st appointment was when she was 2 years old).

If you look at my pictures and notice the difference, I am glad my parents decided to put me, my sister and themselves through such an emotional time.

Luckily my daughter does not have bpes to the degree that past generations have had it. She may only need a lid lift later on.

You are definately on the right track, you can not have too much information and this is the right place to come.

Good luck