Please Help!

Will you all be so kind as to make a list of your symptoms and complaints, I would like to print them out and carry it to my doctor to let her know that I am not the only one with this symptoms and complaints. I will only do this if you all agree or sign here with the info I have requested, Thank you all…

Hey Lee Ann,

I am very new to this site so please forgive my lack of knowledge as to how it works…

I wasn’t sure if your problem was fibromyalgia or chronic fatique syndrome. As I have read over the years the two are really one in the same.

Here goes my list:

burning tired muscles, especially when I am on this computer!!!

If your doctor is not listening to you, find another. If it is fibromyalgia, from what I understand, a rhuematologist would work in that area. I have gotten relief from some meds and mostly natural supplements that I’ve researched and read up on by myself. If you would like a list of what has helped me, let me know.

Sounds like this should be a happy time in your life, I can’t wait to be blessed with grandchildren as my teenagers are a real challenge at times. Someone once said :
Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your teenagers!

I know health problems can be a real challenge, but there is help out there. I was diagnosed 20 years ago when no one ever even heard of fibromyalgia and now it is like an epidemic!!! The toxins in our food and all around us must be hurting us… I pray that you are under the care of a caring, knowledgeable doctor and you get some help.
ps Love your name. My daughter is Leanne…blessings

Without finding the right doctor who knows about this illness… further down the track one can find oneself in real trouble if one has got to the point where one cant work no more and needs disability (which often does happen) so needs a doctor to be filling out forms on this and your condition.

 Without the right doctor helping you who truly understands this illness and how it affects us (or at least one with an immense desire to learn about it), you may find yourself in a lot of trouble to get your needs met in all kinds of ways (as well as important parts of your condition will probably go untreated and harm could be done).  

Lee_Ann… ive heard about so much damage being done to CFSers who dont have a believing, good doctor and agree completely as one who’s had this condition for quite a while, with what Tammy was told.

Hey everyone and thanks for all of your support. I have had some really bad days and now I am feeling a little better, been to the hospital twice, they said that I have bronchitis and the lining around my lungs are imflamed. My biggest problem is that I do not have insurance nor do I have the money for a specialist. I do not know what to do. Thanks for all your help. Talk to you girls later.