Polycythemia and bone marrow

why is it that bone marrow transplant is never on the list of ways to treat polycythemia vera ??? I read somewhere that that fixes the problem permanently yes ??

bone marrow is very complicated and many do not survive. So that is
something that is tried last. Other methods have proven to be safer. I
think you can visit mpdnet for more info

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sorry it has been awhile since i have been on this site, have had PV for 7 years and have a fab dr and super nurse that does the pheleboby i asked about bone marrow and he said NO, I trust him very much and keeps me informed on everything and the only cure is none!!! I have gotten over being depressed and now feel good about my health my info from my dr is that mine is not inherited and have been on Hydro for some time and yes it was an adjustment for me but now i tolerate the drug very well and have now been added anagrelide 2x and Hydo is 2x as well. I also had the P32 injection and i didn’t work for me. My energy has picked up and i workout 3x a week keep my wt down and stay very hydrated. Afte the pheleoby i drink gatoraide daily for about a week. but this is how i feel “Tough times never last but Tough people do”. xo je