Does anyone else have the insane itching?

I have the same itching, I prevented myself of bathing on a daily basis, it is not easy to deal with. Specially when the people around do not understand it > To: robinson_env@hotmail.com> From: polycythemia-vera-cpt8463@lists.careplace.com> Subject: [polycythemia-vera] Polycythemia> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 10:15:55 -0400> >

At last another person like me. Yes the itching has driven me half insane, whenever the body temp gets up, or if it is is humid etc. I have been on treatment since Jan 1st. Write back please

Uaually my showers are cold showers, so nothing to go down to. As for lotion, I tried, but the itching started to quickly for me to get it on etc. but I will try and put lotion on sometime later in the day, when I am not itching.

Hi Peter, I did not reply back to you because I was so busy. Yes the itching is a big problem for me, being honest I don’t know what to do with it, I decided or prevented myself of bathing on a daily basis, i know it sounds nasty, but I did not have choice. Sometimes I feel that I my head is spinning around like a roller coster.
Sorry English is not my first language> To: robinson_env@hotmail.com> From: polycythemia-vera-cpt8463@lists.careplace.com> Subject: Re: [polycythemia-vera] Polycythemia> Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 16:30:50 -0400> >

What I do now, is shave before I shower, and lay out my clothes. After I shower, I dress quickly then head to the freezer and grab my ice packs. I then sit in a chair (in front of tv helps) with 2 packs on my back, and one on my chest, plus my legs. As the itching increases, these areas also begin to numb. I keep the packs on over a half hour, and at least it makes showering tolerable. Also if I begin to itch any time during the day, I grab the ice packs and put them on the area affected. Anything to get through the day.
p.s. where is everyone from

Peter: have you tried a cool down as the end part of the shower–getting the water gradually as cold as you can stand it? That and slatering on lotion all over (some folks used petroleum jelly) to seal in moisture and keep the skin moist and flexible. I noticed the HU made my skin very dry–and itchy. Jeannette

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