Ports, PICCs, Hickan's, J-Tubes & Showers

Hi, all:

I’m sure many of us have had some sort of line for TPN, IV, food, etc. that has to be covered to shower or bathe. Are there suggestions we’ve all found that we can pass on to others for covering lines like Ports/Mediports, PICC lines, Hickman’s, J-Tubes, or any similar device to keep it dry while getting cleaned up?

And what’s been the solution when, no matter how well you protect the area, the water still gets in or the dressing gets wet?

Hopefully this info can help a bunch of us.


Lisa: Where are you, haven’t “seen” you around since Sunday, thinking &
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Hi Cager21,

When I had a pic line for TPN I got from the drug store a rubber sleeve that was wider at the top and thinner at the bottom . It is slid on and is snug enough to keep the water out. Then you slide it off and have it dry for the next time. I hope this helps