Post-ERCP pancreatitis

Has anyone had pancreatitis as a result of an ERCP?

I had an ERCP after a cholecystectomy because I was leaking bile. They placed a stent in my common bile duct to drain the bile.

After the ERCP, I had severe abdominal pain that radiated to my back. I was hospitalized for 9 days and out of work for 2 weeks. I’ve since returned to my routine and now have been following a low fat diet (avoiding processed foods, high fat foods, alcohol, coffee, soda, red meat, cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc.) Even with the diet, I never feel “back to normal”.

I feel intermittent cramps/pains and there doesn’t seem to be one particular food that causes it. I have to have the procedure again in 3 weeks to remove the biliary stent, and I am extremely anxious of having another attack.

Has anyone had post-ERCP pancreatitis that reoccurred with a second ERCP?

I have also had many ERCP’S over the years and sometimes I would have a attack of pancreatitis. A couple of times, was lucky and didn’t have one. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your responses. It is somewhat comforting to know that others have also had similar experiences. I guess my best option would be to talk with my GI about my anxiety for the procedure and see what my options are. Here’s hoping…

I have had about 20 ERCP’s and over half have ended with me having a flareup. I understand how you feel. Hang in there

I’ve had 17 ERCP’s and sadly have ended up with pancreatitis more times than not. Usually it’s from when a stent is placed or if they need to balloon the duct or widen the opening. Often upon having a stent removed I’ve walked out of the hospital in less pain than I was in earlier in the day before the ERCP. I often think I can feel the stents when they are in place (I describe it like swallowing a paperclip and it’s stabbing me). I rarely feel ok while a stent is in place, but I do see positive changes once it is removed. Hopefully your next ERCP will go much better than the first. I’ve been there and understand the horrible pain.

I have also had many ERCP’s which usually result in pancreatitis. However I just read in the National Pancreas Foundation site about a pre ERCP treatment that shows promise in preventing pancreatitis. Good luck to you.

New to the group and just seeing this thread, wondering how it turned out after your 2nd ERCP?

I have had every procedure under the sun and this is exactly why I have been putting off the ERCP my GI dr is suggesting. He seems annoyed that I don’t want to have it done and I think that is because he just doesn’t know what else to do. I have not heard one positive experience post-ERCP, but I have heard what is listed here and much, much worse. I do not want to have this procedure done, but fear that in not doing so I could be “missing” something that will help me.

However, my EUS and MRCP both indicate no issue with my ducts. I have asked my dr. point blank, after explaining my concerns, if he can tell me a good reason I should take the risk and he tells me it just depends on how “risk adverse” I am.

He cannot guarantee it will do any good at all and has no way of knowing if it will cause an attack. I understand he doesn’t have a crystal ball but I am pretty risk adverse when it is my insides getting sliced up and I am already so sick all the time!