Post Transplant

Hi everyone I have not been on here in a LONG time…you all know how babies with problems can keep you busy! Our son Azriel just turned 1 year on the 4th of February and he is now 3 months post transplant. After being born at 34 weeks with gastroschisis, all of his small bowel had to be removed and he was diagnosed with SBS. He was on TPN and lipids for 24 hours for 9 months. After MANY line infections, his liver began shutting down and he was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital in the middle of September. October 31, we got our miracle and my son was transplanted in the wee hours of November 1st. His post transplant has been amazingly unproblematic; he will not drink formula or juice now, however, and he did before the transplant so we find that odd though the doctors said it happens alot. He will take solids by mouth, but he’s not very interested and spits most of it out. My question is to other parents of transplanted babies: how did you get our kid to eat?! He saw a speech therapist for a while but all she ever did was put food on his mouth and I saw no progression so we started doing it at home and now he eats, but like I said, it’s not a lot. Any advice?

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