Postpolio Dr. visit

Hi Ya'll'

I just wanted to keep you posted. I went to the nuroligest for my post polio. I told him how tired I was all the time and how weak my legs were getting. He told me that when I was yong I wore my body out trying to keep up with everyone else. He flat said I was getting older (53) and I can’t do the thing I used to do. I must get plenty of rest and not push myself. I can only exercise a few mins. at a time and then rest. No more heavy housework. Or any other tireing work. The more I push myself the shorter the time I have the use of my body. This from a Doctor who has been dealing with polio for 20yrs. He also took me out of my brace and said to do streches instead. He said no botox injections! The other DR. a orthopidec surgen, had sugested this. So I guess the moral of this storie is to make sure you go to the right Doctor.