Potty training and Hirshsprung's Disease

I need tips in potty training my 5 year old who has been dx with Down syndrome and Hirshsprung’s Disease as soon as possible.

Any tips, tricks, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


one of my HD kids is six and i am still struggling with toilet training to make matters worse she is also wet most the day and night we have been pushing for help since she was 4/2 and for sanities sake while she is out and at school i have had to resort to pullups until she can get the help she needs, there were several things that did help for a time one was the use of a dri sleeper bed alarm hooked up for daytime this of course only helps the wetting so may be of no use, the other is a toilet timer originally set at 30 minutes and then put up 5 minutes every time few days if we had success, we did get to 99 minutes for 2 weeks dryand clean day and night but then she got sick and we have not recovered from that. The use of the toilet timer took away all the fights we had of having soiled or wet and she set the alarm each time which gave her some independents.
Sorry im not much help, but thought you might appreciate some input.

Yours sincerly

Shelly Duxbury

Our son Zach had pull through surgery at 3 months old. It was 6 hours long and they removed the transverse and descending portions of his colon. He is 2 now and has very watery bowel movements.

If we are lucky it is sometimes about the consistancy of apple sauce. We are getting ready to make an appointment with a GI to see if there is something we can do as far as his diet to help him out. So we are just coming up on the potty training so we can’t offer any advice on that one.