Potty Training

I have a 24 month old daughter who was diagnosed at 20days old with long segment hirschsprung’s disease. She had a colostomy for 4 months and then her pull through surgery. She has been amazing ever since; alot less issues than we antisipated; but now it is time to start thinking about potty training. My daughter doesn’t go a day without diahreah… sometimes not too bad, other times very bad. It’s something that we’ve learned to live with, and with her only having half of her large intestine it was expected. It is not uncommon for us to change 5-6 dirty diapers every day. I’m looking for some help on how to start the potty training - where do I begin when she has no control? Can anyone help?

My son is only 4 months so I’m not sure about the actual potty training but I’d start with trying to thicken her stool so that she is going less frequently. Our GI suggested trying things like high fiber diet, probiotics, and bananas. We used the probiotics for a little while and they worked but then I decided I’d rather everything be moving through him well for now. He is breastfed so he will have loose stools anyways.