Potty training

It seems like a struggle to get our little guy to go potty without reminders at times. He is starting to do better but still hasn’t got the bm thing down. He is 5 and has been starting to go “pee pee” most of the time. What works for others? guilesmom

Hey! I don’t have any new help to offer, but wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. Our FX son, age 4, just started going pee-pee (we have to remind him all the time), and is petrified of sitting on the toilet??? Anyone out there have any help to offer us??? Thanks, Penny

One more thing I forgot. He really did a lot better when he was allowed to stand to pee. But I know how you feel about the BM. It took Aidan a lot longer to get the hang of that too.

Hi Penny! Anyway, my son is almost 7 and still has accidents of both kinds. It took at least 2-3 years to get him trained. The only thing that worked for us was constant reminders. I still do that. I can tell when he needs to go now, because he will start flapping alot. Then I will ask him, and sometimes he will say “I’m fine” but when I ask him again he will say yes. A lot of times now he will go in to the bathroom by himself, and believe me, I thought that day would never come. All I can say is, just keep reminding and asking. Eventually it will sink in. Mostly.

I was training him, but gave up. I had to sit him down every 10 to 15 minutes. He’s only 3 and I’ve been reading some of the posts about 7 year olds still not being completely trained. Seems like I was wasting time. I still sit him down on the toilet because he’s not afraid of it and I want him to continue on the right path. After every diaper change I have him sit down. I just don’t have him running around in his underware like I used to. If I would forget, he would just go on himself. I think I’ll start up again when he’s four.