Pregnancy with Chiari


Hi, I just found out I’m 9 weeks pregnant … i’m really nervous because i was always told it’d be a difficult process for me to have a kid. I have a 13mm herniation as of 2004 … i havent been checked since because i lost my insurance. does anyone know anything about having a baby before the decompression surgery?



Congratulations of the pregnancy! sorry I cant offer any specific help on the topic. Hope everything goes well.




I will be out of the office due to medicial reasons until approxamatley some time inFebruary. If you have any questions or need help please contact Terri Park @ 205-6685-6625 or Christine Savery @ 208-685-6619.

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Congratulations on your pregancy! I have ACM and have had the craniotomy and Vp shunt and Revisions. I got pregnant before I realized I have ACM, I had a cerebri tonsil about 6 mm that was found during my pregancy. My suggestion is to speak to your neuro and make sure he/she keeps a check on your condition each month to make sure the growing baby does not place extra cranial pressure on you. Also request a C-section, for your safety. I wanted a vaginal birth but my neuro- said that all the pushing would cause serious damage and not worth the risk. After I gave birth I went directly in to the OR and have my first brain surgery to relieve the pressure off the brain and open the base of the skull and remove the tonsils.

If you want to talk I have added my personal email address. I am a big advocate for Hydrocephalus and Arnold Chairi Malformation.
I wish you the best of luck! With your condition take it easy and get more rest than normal!

Happy Holidays!