Problems still with low platelets


Hi All,Just wanted to send out a message to let all of you know that since my platelet transfusion my platelets have been 105,000 first week after treatment, 70,000 after two weeks, and 30,000 after three weeks…:frowning: I go see the oncologist on the 18th of this month so hopefully I can get some answers!!! I am so tierd of being sick and in so much pain from ALL my illnesses I just can’t stand it…I haven’t been on awhole lot lately because it just seems to be all BAD news and depressing news. I thank goodness for all my friends here on careplace not sure where my train of thought would be without all of you!!! I will update on the 19th of Oct. to let you know where I am heading next. I am sure I will need another Transfusion, before we chat again as they are very very low now, and the last couple days I know they have dropped even lower, being stubburn I won’t go to the hospital or even tell my husband how bad I feel. Hopefully come tomorrow things will be better…Ok I will keep you all informed about where we go from here after seeing the oncologist…Thank You All So Much for all your support, love, hugs, and prayers…Talk to ya soon…Mrs Barb :slight_smile:


Cindy and Barb,

I , too, have low platelets as well as a low BUN and CREAT. So my liver and kidneys also don’t function as well as they should. This is all from my pancreatitis and my tests are now taken every Monday and I get the results mailed to my home by Wednesday or so.

However, in Barb’s case, this is serious and causes great concern. I do hope that it is not cancer Barb, yet to be that low cannot necessarily be attributed to pancreatitis itself. It could be a slow
bleed somewhere in your system that may be causing this as well. I had a “slow bleed” once such that, when I got into the ER with pancreatic pain and severe nausea but was unable to throw up, when they put in an NG tube, I responded to i by vomiting into a tub about a half gallon of PURE BLOOD! I have been in hospital twice for blood infusions so far with 12 years out of the hospital.

Barb, how many units of blood are they transfusing in your series of transfusions? I hate that “metallic” and “blood” taste that one has during the blood transfusion itself. That is what I hate about it the most.

The best to you Barb. My thoughts are, indeed, with you very much.