It’s finally happening and we are at a loss. We don’t know what to do with our 9, soon to be 10 y/o adopted daughter who has DiGeorge and is reaching puberty. The only boundaries she sees is when we are around. Otherwise, she will go anywhere with anyone and do anything she is told/asked to do.

Because of massive ADHD and cardiac issues that preclude us giving her any type of medication, she will not even take care of herself in the bathroom. With this impending event poised to take place to her personally, we will either have to go back to diapers or find a physician somewhere, anywhere, who would be willing to prevent this event from taking place.

Is anyone going through this?

Does anyone have any advice for us or guidance that we might be able to use.

We are at a loss and the even is rapidly approaching.

Please help.


Because she has 22q11, I suggest a consult with an endocrinologist who can check her growth at this critical time. Ours prescribed Lupron, typically used for “precoscious puberty”. My now 13yo has had good results with growth & holding off her periods while on it.
My heart is with you on this one.