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Is anyone happy with how their public school system educates their Fragile X child? If so can you please post school and district?


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No, I’m not very happy about my son’s school. He’s in the Special Ed class, but his teacher seems to know nothing about FX or how to handle him. I live in Evansville, IN and seem to have the only child with FX in the Tri State area, let alone this school district.


Thanks, We are having the same problem in Portland Oregon.

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hi my name is mark and im from michigan. we have a wonderful support group with over 50 members.if you need any help please call 734-320-9360

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Thank you!!!

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ahhh how nice of you to email me, but we had our little boy’s results back and luckily he hasn’t got FXS and no chromosones problems. But i am so happy you emailed me, thankyou very much. Mellissa> To:> From:> Subject: Re: [fragilex] public school sysyem> Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:10:42 -0400> >


We are blessed with a teacher that seems to understand and be able to work well with our son. He is in a self contained class at his middle school. She tries to work him in with regular class where ever possible. We are in the North Kansas City MO school district.


Our 2 year old son belongs to Chapel forge elementary in Bowie maryland. He was just diagnosed with full mutation fragile X. We told the school and i have to be honest with all of you it is about the most fantastic system i’ve ever seen. I used to work with special needs [Special Olympics] for years and my wife is a school teacher so we know what to look for.

If your school district is lacking maybe you all should direct them to Prince George’s County Maryland Chapel Forge Elementary special needs school.

These people are fantastic.


Hi My two year old son was diagnosed with fragil x syndrome five months ago. What my husband and I keep asking ourselfs and maybe you can answer it for me what will he be like when he grows up. I just want to know what the future holds for him. I am just a concerned parent. Please respond— On Fri 09/28, cliaz < > wrote:From: cliaz [mailto:]To: aluis31@excite.comDate: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 13:28:13 -0400Subject: Re: [fragilex] public school sysyem


Hi, your were wondering about the future. I am in the same sort of boat, but my son is 19 and will be graduating this June. He was only diagnosed about three years ago now with fragile x and autism. We knew he was delayed but did not know what it was exactly. We didn’t even think of assessing him until luckily we got into a parent group meeting where it was brought up. Parents I have found are very informative. We are lucky we have a good social worker helping us with different options, like day programs and schools. We did try a college that has a special needs program, but unfortunatley he was not acepted. So we are into plan B. It is very stressful trying to figure out what is best for him and what will work for his future. You are lucky that your child has been diagnosed very early. I found that speech therapy and ocupational therapy is good to get and a good school that is willing to help. My son went to a good elementary school, the teachers and principal were very helpful. There were a few battles that we had to fight, but all turned out well. His highschool not so much, they did the best they could but I think that resources and budget were always the excuses we got for not getting what he needed. So my advice is never accept the word no from anyone, get as much help for your son as you can. Good luck and all the best.


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