Question about breathing problems

Hi all, I forgot to ask this question…how many of you are on some type of oxygen treatment and what were your first symptoms like? Did you have fast heartbeat with it? Skipping heart? shortness of breath? I want to be able to let my Dr. know that others are having this problem and what treatments are necessary for early problems and difficulties that exist as the breathing gets worse…thanks so much, Bev (Ladymary) And any burning in middle of chest or tightness? How many have Asthma?

I know I should, Sylvia, but if I was dx with sleep apnea, I’d probably lose my job! I am not sleepy in the daytime once I get myself out of bed, but that would be hard to prove.


I am not on oxygen, but I do have severe asthma. Also have a problem with slow heart rate, skipping beats and, occasionally, a sensation my heart is pounding out of my chest. I wake with a headache every morning and, from what others are saying, that can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain while sleeping, (sleep apnea) I don’t have the day time sleepiness associated with sleep apnea, though.


So Bev I am now on oxygen just when I sleep. It goes into the sleep apnea machine’s mask. My first night was last night and it was horrible. The tube from the oxygen machine kept coming off the face mask so I was up all night and had to go to a family picnic today. I don’t see how I can sleep with that awful thing on my face. I can never sleep anyway. I have had tachycardia for many years diagnosed with a Holzer moniter. I had a catheter ablation to restore some rhythm to my heart. My cardiologist said he would put in a pacemaker if I am too bothered by the fast heartbeat episodes so I have not gone back to him! I also have mitral valve regurgitation. I think I would like to oxygen if I did not have to wear that awful headgear. It is not like the oxygen they give you in the hospital. It is much more confining and almost gives me a panic attack as it is hard to get off and I feel like I am suffocating when I put it on! I have to make myself get used to it but it is not pleasant. Last night I winged it across the room!!! Pam…please ask your doctor about the morning headaches meaning sleep apnea. You always have what I have!!! Get a sleep study. It will certainly show that your poor brain is not getting the oxygen it needs. All these years my brain has tried to tell me something was wrong. I told all my doctors about the headaches that wake me up with severe pain and none of them put it together until my endocrinologist sent me to a neurologist as my morning blood sugar is so high after I have not eaten for twelve hours and I take a butt load of insulin at bedtime. My oxygen went as low as 51% of normal when I had my sleep study! I do not have enough oxygen in my blood to burn any fat. I hope that this helps you all. Hugs, Grandma Sylvia

On that note I asked Dr Herbst a while ago about breathing problems…I have never had asthma before but I have been wheezing and my youngest daughter has has asthma since she was 18 months old and I know the sounds…My question was whether DD could cause asthma…Here is her reply “If your proteases are elevated, then angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis are also increased which will increase fluid everywhere including in your tissues of your bronchi that are full of lymphatics leading to congestion and asthma.”…
Hope this helps answer some questions

I forgot to say that I wheeze now. My kids and grandkids all have asthma and I know that I do also. I take Primatene and use their inhaler so far. I have not told the doctor yet that I wheeze. Pam…you would probably be sleepy during the daytime if you have sleep apnea. I am so sleepy all the time. Hugs, Sylvia


Primatene Mist is not safe, especially if you have heart problems. The rx inhalers are much safer. My doctor had a fit when she found out I was using primatene years ago!


hi all i know i have been quiet but this topic is dear to me as my asthma become severe 14 years ago also the lumps appeared which i have now put down to high doses steriods, then heart problems and oxygen came along, and though op was done on heart they cannot find why i still need oxygen when asthma is stable eg mainly sitting etc but i have given all paper work about dercums highlighting the decreased oxygen part but do they take note not a chance well i know i am not the only 1 out there
hugs and lit candles to you all x-x HELEN