Question about meds

I was diagnosed with MCTD in June '06. After all of the cardiograms, pulmonary function tests, blood tests, etc … the only that was found wrong was some minor respitory restriction. I used to get a bad rash on my face from the Scleroderma (its been gone for about a year), my Reynaud’s is still pretty bad, and there are days that my joints are sore, but it’s always liveable. Basically my question is … should I be on medication? My rhuemo said there’s no need yet, and I also feel that I don’t want to be on meds. The disease is liveable right now without meds, but I’m worried that I should be on meds for preventable reasons. Is this true? I’m sure my rhuemo knows what he’s talking about, but I still get worried since this is such a rare disease. Is anyone else out there not on meds? Going through the same feelings?

I think as long as you are doing ok, I would stay off the meds for as long as I could. Live chemical free for as long as you feel ok.