Hi Everyone:

We are having the girls evaluated by a develomental pediatrician next week. The preschool psychologist feels that Flora(my 4 yo) has Autism Spectrum Disorder or Pervasive Developmental Disorders wich is also a form of Autism. Has anyone elses kids been diagnosed with this along with Albrights? I learned that it is not uncommon for this to coexist with syndromes such Albrights(PHP) so I am trying to find out am I the only one out here with this sort of thing happening or is there others?

Another questions and I hope this isn’t to sensitive. Have any of ya’ll kids showed signs of precocious puberty though all hormone levels are correct? Dakota is showing signs of puberty such as body odor(has had it for years) and now she has pubic hair growing though she is only 7. I am lucky she hasn’t asked questions but the Drs think I am nuts because all the labs are correct. I am baffled any help out here?


Dy dd, with 1b, at age 15, is just being diagnosed (through genetics & other tests) with being on the spectrum. She did not have precocious puberty.

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