RA? & my list of symptoms

I’ve been reading through all the posts under this RA group and wanted to pass along a list of stuff that’s been going on with me. (was recently tested for RA but it came back negative).

About 10 years had a bad bout of jaw problems (woke up in the middle of the night and jaw was stuck - forced it open and it popped and then hurt for the next year or so)

In the past 2 years I’ve dealt with ankle problems (started when doing a lot of walking). Was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (tenosynovitis of the tendon) and spent close to a year of trying conservative stuff to get the inflammation under control (walking boots, casts, physical therapy). Did not help and was told by 3 different foot/ankle ortho docs to have a tendon debridement before it got to the point of the tendon rupturing. Got the posterior tibial tendon repaired. Then just a few months after that surgery had problems with the same ankle (other side) with the peroneal tendons. MRI came back that it was torn and the only way to fix it was more surgery. 7 months after 1st surgery they went in to repair this tendon but once doc got in there was no tear - just the same degenerative stuff that went on with the 1st tendon. Also had my achilles tendon lengthened due to the other tendon repair which affected my gait.
Kept complaining to my surgeon that my elbow and shoulder ached.

Recently been having some issues with the other foot (same feeling of that burning tendon junk…but have sprained it pretty bad on several different occasions). MRI of the latest spain last Christmas showed a torn deltoild ligament along with attenuation of the ATFL ligament.

Cervical neck and shoulder problems off and on for probably 15 years and recently had some really awful pain. Dr thought I may have a herniated disc. Had an MRI this past May and it showed bone spurs and a couple of bad discs one with some narrowing potentially threatening one of the exiting nerve roots. Was referred to a pain specialist who also ordered an MRI of shoulder as I also had issues there. That MRI showed supraspinatus tedinosis along with early AC joint arthritis and subcortical cyst. Had a cortisone shot which has helped but starting to wear off after about 3 months.

I have been seeing a medical massage therapist every week to 2 weeks and she’s been working through all of these problems (ankles, shoulder, neck). I get a little bit of relief but doesn’t last too long. She’s commented at times that things feel “hot”. Actually have been to the same massage group off and on for a number of years when I’ve had bouts with neck and then recently with ankle and shoulder.

I’ve been on flexerol (to get the muscles spasms in my shoulder under control) and ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. Mobic didn’t do a thing for me.

It’s not like I’m not able to function - it’s just aches and pains all the time. I never feel rested when I wake up. I’m stiff a lot (but think that may be due to the surgeries on the tendons in my ankle). I’ve felt at times like I’m coming down with something but never get sick. Cold a lot.

After all my ankle problems and when I started complaining about my shoulder to my ortho surgeon he ordered a test for RA. It came back negative.

Sorry for the long post - but was curious if anyone else had these sorts of things. I just don’t think it’s normal for a 49 year old to have all this weird stuff going on.

Should I pursue add’l testing for RA? Any other ideas?


Hi, this is my first time in this web site. I have RA, 11yrs. I am also an above the left knee amputee. I have many other health problems. If anyone is interested I’ll list them all. I take many meds everday. I try to get as much life in every day. The flares really knocks me out and as I age they are more severe and happen closer and closer together.
My name is jstumpi and I am 61 yrs old

Hello NSN,
This is Steph in Virginia. No problem with the long post. You have been through alot! I’m 30 & was dx’d (diagnosed) with RA in 1999 when I was 22. Here are some things I noted in your post: 1) Just b/c you test negative for RA (actually the blood test is the Rheumatoid Factor, or RF) does not mean you do not have RA. Testing positive for the RF is only 1 symptom of RA. (more on the in a minute) Testing negative for the RF is called Sero-negative RA. 2) your joints feeling hot are another symptom of RA. It is a response to the inflammation going on inside your body. Others symptoms of RA are: morning stiffness for more than 30 minutes; low grade fevers; joints pain, swelling & tenderness (sometimes shown through rheumatoid nodules or little bumps at the joints; symmetrical symptoms; fatigue.
Typically, you must have the symptoms consistently (and typically worsening) for at least 6 weeks – afterall, you wouldn’t want to get the stamp of RA and that isn’t it. You usually need 4 out of the 6 primary symptoms. When I was diagnosed I had all except symmetrical symptoms (my RA is only on my left side) and RF negative.

Good luck!
Steph in VA