Rash/urticaria development

Hi! My husband and I both have developed a rash of varying bumpiness and very itchy at the same time caused by what we believe was a reaction to a food allergen. What is really surprising to us is that we both had the same reaction at the same time. We reviewed carefully what we had recently eaten that may have been different. We also thought of anything we both had been exposed to right before the rash appeared. The only thing we could surmise was that it was pizza we had eaten earlier the evening of onset. The pizza was 1/2 green pepper (which we’ve eaten many times) and 1/2 Italian sausage. We believe the rash developed from one of the many additives in the sausage. Never again will we eat processed meat or any meat for that matter! We tried applying anti-itch cream with little or no relief. We tried Benadryl - again with little or no relief. We are now taking Quercetin/Bromelain tablets, extra Vitamin C and Vitamin B-complex and drinking more water than we usually do to help flush this allergen from our systems. It has been almost 5 days since onset and we have seen occasional lessening but then new outbreaks show up. If, after 1 week we do not see the rash subsiding significantly, we will seek the help of an allergist. Any advice or help will be appreciated.