Has anyone had to deal with people asking about the rash on your face? I work with the public and I can’t count the number of people that ask if I was sunburned, or my favorite is that from a fire? What a blow to the ego. I’m not sure how to answer since 99% of them have never heard of sle.
I’m not sure that they are being mean but don’t they think I know it is there?I don’t feel the need to explain anything to them as I don’t question their apperance,so why should they question mine? I am sorry if this sounds rude or mean but I would like to know if this is a common occurance among us with sle?


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I don’t have lupus, nor do I have the rash associated with it - but I do know others with it. It can be embarrassing and annoying.
There are 2 ways to go here - you can just say you have a medical condition and leave it at that or you could take the moment to educate the public and tell them that you have an autoimmune disease called Lupus and that the butterfly rash is one of the symptoms of the disease. I find that when I tell people I’m disabled, they’re surprised, so I just add on that I have autoimmune disease. That usually is the end of it.

As for the rash, there is some make up that you can use to help with the rash depending on how severe it is. Some of the drugstore make up that you apply with a sponge is pretty good at covering up. However, if you need something with a bit more coverage, you can go with one of the derma-blend products. I’ve heard they’re very good.
Talking to someone at one of the cosmetic counters may help also. They are usually very kind to those of us with illnesses and have special skin conditions - they helped my mom find a make up that she could tolerate. They may be expensive - but they’re good quality and they last a long time when applied correctly.

Hope this helps.


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