Receiving disability and Medicaid

Hi everyone!
So sorry haven’t been on here lately but, alot has happened.
I just wanted to let u all know what has occured since I was granted DSS. Before I got DSS I received just SSI $637.00 per mo and was on medicaid that paid for all of the 22 Rx’s that I take and paid for all Dr and hospital visits. NOW that I get Disability of $1103.00 per mo, the state has cut off my medicaid and put me in a program called “SPEND DOWN”. This means that because I now go over the medicaid income level, I must spend $733.00 PER MONTH Out OF MY POCkET PER MONTH IN ORDER FOR MEDICAID TO PAY FOR ANYTHING! I am so in trouble! My house payment is $500.00 now , take that out of $1103.00. not much left for lights, heat, phone, gas for vehicle to get to and from Dr appt. And 1 more thing, they cut my food stamps from $164.00 per mo to $30.00. i have found some info for others who find themselves in my shoes…
I can not afford to buy my insulin, it is $100.00.

  1. there are programs that are in YOUR county that will help.
  2. contact your Community Action Agency they are a wealth of info.
    3)speak to your Dr office, they have programs from Drug companies that will (if u qualify) will send u meds for free or at a reduced cost.
  3. contact your Welfare office and ask to speak to a Social Worker.
    5)call your local hospital and ask to speak with the on staff social worker.
    6)call your local Senior Center they are a wealth of info on what is available to help.
    7)write your local congress and your local government officials.
    8)pharmacies have $4.00 generic drugs, u just have to ask! Do not give up because one door is closed! there is foot work and papers to fill out but it is better then going without!
    Hope this helps someone!
    Jan (hiediluwho)

Hi Jan,

It sounds like you were better off on the SSI!! Do you get SSD in addition to SSI or instead of SSI? The county I live in has very good programs at the county hospital for people who can’t afford medical care and don’t qualify for medicaid. It doesn’t help with drugs though. You might want to check with Partnership for Prescription Assistance. (Just google it) I know of several people who are getting their meds discounted or free through that program.