Recurring Events / Symptoms

I found out I had FMD by way of transient ischemic attacks “mini strokes” caused by a dissected internal carotid artery. Do most people have recurring “events” of the same type or can symptoms of a different nature pop-up? Is it likely that something else will happen in the future (months/years)? I am being monitored closely via ultrasounds and angiograms but will that be enough to prevent problems? I also have a hard time telling which symptoms are FMD related since everytime I go to the doctor, they find another seemingly unrelated “problem” and send me to more doctors.


I don’t know to whom I’m writing, but I’ll share a bit about my history.? My BP could not be controlled w/ increasing meds.? Testing found stenosis of r/ renal artery.? I underwent angioplasty BP better controlled. Then violent headaches/swooshing sounds and heartbeat in ears, and falls, revealed total occlusion of r/ carotid,no bloodflow to rt hemisphere, then FMD diagnosis.? I underwent a bypass in brain (EC/IC) suffered 2 strokes during surgery.? Now I’m hemiplegic on l/side. I’m hanging in there, difficult though it is.?

I began taking an adult aspirin 1x day after diag & no more falls, but I opted for the bypass due the lack of bloodflow? as shown on brain angiogram.? I continue w/ aspirin and HB meds and no falls since surgery,? Midrin worked great for my previous headaches.

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maybe the transient event are due to variations in blood pressure - do you monitor at home and when lying or sitting or in various positions? it is possible to also have it in your renal arteries. BP can vary from totally normal in some postures to high in others. - maybe a doppler of the kidneys would be good if you find you BP is high or variable and some times high. I have transient visual problems, headaches, pulsing and diziness and I notice they are related to BP- (I have renovascualr hypertension due to FMD in my renal arteries). Maybe this idea is not relevent to you but worth while to consider.