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I am just wondering if anyone has had problems with tumors or masses that aren’t cancerous. I had surgery to remove one about 2yrs age and it is back again in my armpit. It is very pain ful and moves around and seems to be getting caught in bewteen the muscle and maybe scar tissue. Thank you for any insight. sonya

I have enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery area (stomach) and a large
hemangioma (blood bubble) on my liver. They were concerned enough about the
lymph nodes (because of the size) to do bone marrow biopsies (very painful)
but we found out everything was okay. Even though the hemangioma is quite
large, they do not feel it’s necessary to surgically remove it. So
basically I have two masses and they just keep “watching” them. Thankfully,
neither area is painful. Have you gotten a second opinion? It took over
two years and MANY tests for my doctors (old doctors) to figure out I had
celiac. My physician now specializes specifically in Celiac and it’s
wonderful to have a person who knows it help me.

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I did get a second opinion before the surgery last time, this time I haven’t I’m waiting to hear what the results of the tests were and what he wants to do this time. I’m just frustrated and in pain but I don’t nessecarily want to have surgery again but I have tried heat cold vit. E, message, actupunture (sp), ect… and nothings helps and sometimes I actually feel worse after wards. The ultra sound was inconclusive, the mass kept moving she was having a hard time getting it to show up, plus there is alot of swelling in the area so she said she would let the doctor know that she felt the lump and about the swelling but who knows. Thanks for the input. sonya

Wow. You’ve been through a lot. I have a couple other contacts with
celiac. I will find out from them too.

Take care,

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