Relinda and oxygen


HI, SO MUCH TO ANSWER,if you was talking to me instead of emailing me you would definitely need o2 (just kidding) my respiratory consult discovered i needed oxygen when they found i had a genetic heartdefect they corrected the 1 that caused low o2 thinking that would cure the need for it but it only helped a little, by not going in to hospital with so many asthma attacks,but on walking and sleeping i need o2 it is still noticed that i go blue around the mouth when i am just sitting and talking and i need to but the o2 on to carry on the conversation. As yet they are still blaming my asthma and heart for the low o2 but im sure DD has something to do with it and i have read in one research paper not sure could be dercums hope that low oxygen can be a symptom which also cn contribute with the tiredness,confusion/brain fog/forget fullness,I know it is cumbersome to rely on it but try not to fret anymore than you have to about it as stress as you know is the biggest cause of flares,take care gentle hugs take care and email me any time on my email address

sorry it took me longer to reply than i usually take im having a bit of a flare myself but unless i scream and cry with pain it is not recognized,bt that is just not memy determination is bigger than the invasion of lumps in my body so i try and tell myself, anyway bye for now