Retroperitoneal Fibrosis and Life Expectancy

What is the life expectancy for this disease?

Hi, from what I can gather this disease is not normally life threatening but unfortunately except in rare cases neither does it seem to be curable!


From all that I’ve read RF does not normally shorten expected lifespan. It may however mess with it a bit due to pain, meds, operations, strength or lack thereof, etc.

The caveat to my first statement is that it MUST be monitored by a Doctor who IS FAMILIAR WITH RF. and treatment must continue, not be dropped part way cause it’s too much work!

And of course there are lots of misdiagnoses which lead to other complications which are life shortening or threatening. (My wife went into renal failure -complete- and was told later that she made it back by less than two days. That’s what emergency stent insertion can do when the ureters get blocked.

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Connecticut, USA