Retroperitoneal fibrosis

What is it and what is the prognosis.


RF isn’t nice, but usually it is not life threatening (unless medical care has either missed it, mis-diagnosed it, or ignored a proper diagnosis. We have seen all three!)

from your CarePlace sign in: “My son-in-law was just diagnosed with this. He is in ICU in New York. I just want to learn all I can.” it seems like we might want to converse "directly. I’m married to an RF sufferer so in a similar boat. I’m drop me a line.

Where in NY? Who/how was diagnosis made? What’s being done & by whom (specialities not necessarily names although sometimes names help.), meds, operations, etc & where are you/he from? (This last is for long term help since RF does not go away.)


I need your prayer support and encouragement. I have had a serious medical setback and need your prayers for a speedy recovery- Please put me on your prayer lists at your church. Thanks and God bless.

Also pray that I can find a local doctor to help me with my special medical problem.

Please forward to other prayer warriors. Thanks

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