Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I started with RSD in my right leg due to a knee replacement. Well about 4 months ago, I hurt my left thumb. Over those 4 months my hand and arm starting hurting worse and my wrist started swelling.
Today, my first appointment with a Neurologist ended with news that my arm/hand has RSD as well as my leg.
I just wanted to tell all of you that have RSD to be careful, apparently, if you have RSD in a certain area, you might get it in a totally different area of the body if you get injured. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it CAN happen. Best wishes to all, and be careful…Angela


Hi This is Sarita, I am so sorry to here of the RSD in your hand. You will
be in my prayers.

I just read in the RSDSA REVIEW DIGEST Dr. Scott Reuben writing that a
Preemptive block should be administered prior to any surgery (even dental work) or
the onset of any minor injury.This can prevent the spread of RSD to another
part of the body. I have told my family, if ANY emergency happens to me tell
the doctor about the nerve block ASAP.

I am new at careplace, but I want to let everyone know.



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