Rsd spreading

Can rsd stage I spread to another limb?

My RSD has spread over the years, It started in my left shoulder and has continued to spread throught out the whole left side of my body from head to toe. Now have it in my right foot and calf. Sorry for the bad news that it can spread.

yes sad but true it can spread i was shocked when i found out also that it can spread the thing im most thankful for is that it is not deadly but yes mine started in my right foot and is now in both legs up to waist as far as i know but it has been awhile casue of lasck of insurence i have not had any test done to find out anything else about where it could be so yeah i hope i helped i ahve had it for almost 12 yrs so if u have any questions or just need a friend let me know please

Hi all! I have a lot of experience dealing with rsd. doodle,i dont want you to panic,but yes,rsd can spread from one area, to the entire body. This is what happened with me,now it took three injuries to the same affected area,and i had terrible treatment,that came LATE,and it had already settled in before i had a chance to get the proper treatment,so cases VARY. The best thing to do is FIGHT it via physical therapy,and be HONEST with yourself,if you have pain in another limb,TELL your doctor,if he DOESNT BELIEVE YOU,GET ANOTHER DOCTOR. The best doctors for this can be found under anethesiologists and pain management in the phone book,get a dr you feel good talking to,THAT LISTENS,and KNOWS what rsd is,and is capable of. Sometimes pain can feel like cramping,like you have been on your feet for hours,and you have only been standing for minutes,or just got up,and they BURN,swell,and are REDDISH,notice any HAIR GROWTH ON YOUR TOES,TAKE PICTURES,FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES,then if you notice you have NO HAIR, either on your toes,or anywhere,you have had the reversal that means you have it settled in,and that is that. This is when the spreading starts,there have been some that dont spread,but in 80% of cases it does spread,if you notice spreading,GET A SYMPATHETIC NERVE BLOCK,get a SERIES OF THEM,this can help the signals of pain from the brain from backing up,and this increasing,until it finds a junction it can ‘skip’, and cross over to another foot, or limb,once it backs up into the brain,as it has with me,the brain thinks that what is happening is normal,and it keeps sending out the signals all over the body,the mechanism switches the other way,it opens all your pain gates,instead of closing them ,like it would after an injury. this is when you really need to lean on God,period,there is nothing else that will give you the strength you need to deal with it when it gets to this,the worst ,point. please feel free to contact me,and others for support. RSD is NO JOKE,and you need a good doctor,RIGHT AWAY,sports doctors think they can make it go away,NO,they cant,only the blocks will help,this isnt a normal injury pattern like they usually face,get a dr from the anesthiseologist list in the phone book,they can treat rsd. I have been to stanford, ucla,i am well versed on this ,unfortunatley,but i dont give up!! Lv.